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Mixed-use Buildings in Boston

One Charlestown Development Proposal Creates New Community

One Charlestown

One Charlestown is a huge redevelopment project that has been proposed for the Bunker Hill Apartments in Charlestown

The project plans to create 3,200 units of housing on the existing site, as well as create new beautiful buildings, well-lit, tree-lined streets and create a diverse neighborhood and community. 

The redevelopment will replace buildings that are currently isolated and underutilized, with new buildings that respect the rich history of the neighborhood and character of Charlestown. 

The project will also bring two new public parks, retail space and amenities for the whole neighborhood. 

Although the units will be a mixture of affordable and market-rate apartments, they will all be designed and completed to the highest quality and include the same amenities. 

The 13-block development aims to knit the neighborhood together with a new street grid that makes the area more walkable and easier to navigate. 

One Charlestown Map

Charlestown's rich history and character will be incorporate into the landscape design and architecture. 

The developers have emphasized the plans to put front doors directly on the streets, creating a sense of community and making friendly neighborhood streets throughout the development. 

By replacing current surface parking with more green space the project aims to further encourage this development of community and preservation of history within the area. 

Plans for this beautiful new community have been presented to the Boston Redevelopment Authority and are awaiting review. Check back here for any future updates. 

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View the full proposal for One Charlestown here. 

Washington Village Plans to Reinvent Andrew Square

Washington Village

A huge new development for South Boston's Andrew Square has just been approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Washington Village was first proposed in 2015 and hopes to redefine the surrounding area by taking over nearly five acres with new development. 

The village would be made up of nine buildings with a range of heights up to 21 stories high. They will completely replace the current auto shops and laundries that make up the space. 

The proposal includes 656 apartments and condos, over 98,000 square feet of retail, most likely including a grocery store, parking spaces and plenty of open space with newly improved streets, walkways and plazas. 

Andrew Square has been studied by the BRA for a while, with the hopes of transforming the industrial blocks for residential and commercial buildings over the next two decades. The overall projects could bring up to 8,000 new residential units to the area in total. 

If all goes to plan for Washington Village then construction is planned to be complete by 2021. 

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Boutique Hotel Marked for Ink Block Neighborhood

-Credit: Boston Herald

If you didn’t think the Ink Block’s block could get any better, well, you thought wrong. The redevelopment of Boston’s South End is coming about nicely with Ink Block to kick start the process and the largest whole foods followed shortly after. Now plans to install a boutique hotel next door to Ink Block’s residential facilities are in the works. Managing partner Ted Tye said, “We’ve been trying to create an interesting and exciting urban community, and the hotel really supports the restaurants and retail activity that we’re creating.”

Tye makes it clear that his vision for guests of the hotel is to use restaurants within Ink Block, and to make that a big driving point for guests to stay down in this neighborhood.

The 200-room, ultra cool designed AC hotel by Marriott will be managed by an outside company. According to Curbed, Boston, AC Hotels started in Europe in 1998 before affiliating with Marriott in 2011. The chain has one U.S. hotel, in New Orleans, with others slated to open this year in Washington, D.C., Miami Beach and Kansas City.

And according to Andrea Foster, senior vice president and New England practice manager for PKF Consulting, “The South End is a good location for an AC Hotel within Boston, and we’re still seeing improvements in performance (in the Boston market), and now we’re seeing a lot of development happening because occupancy and rate increases are so good.”

Exciting news for this newly gentrified and hip location. Stay tuned for more to come!

Predictions for Residential Real Estate Market in 2015

- Avalon Exeter in Boston

D. Sidney Potter of the Huffington Post projected real estate for the year of 2014 and all predictions were 85% correct. So we decided to take his predictions a bit more seriously this time around, and we advise that you do, too.

Here is a compilation of his predictions for U.S. Real Estate in 2015 from the Huffington Post:

• Mortgage rates are currently at 4% and are expected to increase by 100 points/1% on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage(4>5%)—to avoid the increase you should get a 15-year fixed rate which will drop it by 100 poins/1% (4>3%)
• Home appreciation is still decreasing in the residential market, yet at a very minimal amount – 100 points – opposed to last years steep decrease of 500 points.
• Tract home development will have an 18-20 percent increase
• ibeacons will be more relevant to consumers – “It’s like your mobile device gets a pop-up message when you pass a store that was a beaming device attached to the outside of its establishment. This technology works similar for home shoppers that are cruising through neighborhoods to see what’s on the market, or actually attending open houses. When a realtor attaches one of these beaming devices on their real estate signs, it alerts a passenger driving by of the homes amenities, a price reduction, or special financing terms. When the home shopper enters the home, it gets even more personal. Walk into the kitchen and get a pop-up message that the new granite counters were just installed. Walk into the bathroom, and learn of the new HGTV-esque remodel. You get the picture.” [Huff Post]
• California and the Southwest will lead in home appreciation
• 2015 will be a mysterious year for real estate – because most homes in the US are at or above pre-bubble levels be prepared to expect the unexpected

So hold on for the ride, folks; this year is predicted to be full of surprises!

Millennium Tower: Vying for ‘Tallest Residential Building in Downtown Boston'

The transformation begins! The city of Boston is excited to welcome a new high rise, the second highest residential building in the city: Millennium Tower. This incredible building is designed by Handel Architects of NYC who designed The World Trade Center Memorial in Manhattan, so we know the results are going to be fabulous.

Millennium Tower is replacing the old Filene’s site, and, oh my, does it sit on an ideal location. It resides one block from the Boston Common, just beyond the Ritz Carlton and across the street from the Sports Club/LA; everything, just at your fingertips!

“The under-construction Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing has long been described as headed toward 625 feet. An update to the tower’s website, however, now describes it thus: ‘Millennium Tower Boston, at 685 feet, will be the tallest residential building in downtown Boston.’ Not for long. Still, the change in height is significant for the city, which is not generally keen on tall,” aCurbed article notes.

Stay tuned for preleasing opportunities!

Boston Landing to Add 250 Residential Units

It looks like Boston Landing will be housing residential units!  The massive construction project will include retail space as well as the New Balance Headquarters.  This development will bring a lot of new business and residents to the Brighton area.

From Banker and Tradesman:

“The Boston Redevelopment authority approved the addition of 250 residential units to the $500 million Boston Landing mixed-use project in Brighton…The board also approved an additional 15,000 square feet of retail space and modifications to the previously approved sports facility to accommodate basketball and hockey uses. The Boston Bruins have agreed to relocate their practice facility to Boston Landing in 2016.”

Apartments Remaining for Lease at The Victor Boston

The Victor is a luxury building in the North End that offers a huge range of amenities, from an indoor basketball court to an entertaining lounge.  After about 6 months on the market, almost 80% of it’s 286 units have been leased.  So if you’re looking in the North End, take a peak at the Victor before the remaining apartments are gone!

The breakdown, according to Curbed Boston, are the following:

“As of Thursday, there were 65 units still up for grabs. These break down thus:?· Nine studios renting for between $2,640 and $3,390.?· Thirty-eight 1-BRs renting for between $3,125 and $4,325.?· Eighteen 2-BRs renting for between $3,740 and $5,285.”

Downtown Crossing Drawing Buzz

With new apartment buildings going up in Downtown Crossing including the Radian and Millennium Tower, it is not surprising that the neighborhood is getting some more attention. The area is also home to Millennium Place, which is fully occupied. Keep an eye on Downtown Boston as the new hotspot for innovation!

According to Curbed, there are several “factors [that] are making Downtown more affordable than Kendall Square and more viable than South Boston and Seaport, because there is simply more inventory to choose from. And T, with the red, green, blue, orange, and silver at the ready, presents lots of options downtown. PayPal and the Cambridge Innovation Center have relocated here.”

Check out additional details on Downtown Crossing by jumping over to the full Curbed article.