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Brookline Apartments

Neighborhood Spotlight: Brookline


Brookline is one of Boston's top suburbs and for good reason. The neighborhood offers plenty of amenities, good transportation links and a vibrant community.

Boston Agent Magazine highlighted the top 5 reasons this neighborhood is such a popular place to live. 

1- Dynamic Marketplace

Brookline has a strong housing market, constantly performing among the top areas in Greater Boston. In July it was ranked as the number 3 selling suburb and it was also ranked as number 2 in the condo market. 

2- A Good Investment

Home prices in Brookline are allowing sellers to see great returns, the median price is up more than 60% since 2005. The housing demand may be making it harder for those looking for a new home, but it does have its positives. 

3- Well-Educated Residents

Greater Boston is known for its well-educated residents, but Brookline is on an even higher level. Brookline has even been ranked as the second-most educated place in the country with 80% of residents having a bachelor's degree, 25% with a masters and 13% with a doctorate. 

4- Great Schools

Not only are the older residents educated well, but the children will be also. The public school system in Brookline is ranked among the best in Greater Boston. 

5- High-Quality Community

In a Niche report, Brookline was rated the second-best place to live in the whole state of Massachusetts. The neighborhood has also been highly ranked for fitness, amenities, nightlife and easy commute to Boston. 

Interested in living in Brookline? View the latest listings or contact us today for help finding your new home. 

Biking in Brookline Made Easier

A major improvement for cyclists in Brookline has been approved for a six-month trial period

The trial bike lane will be put in place on a stretch of Beacon Street between Coolidge Corner and Washington Street. The implementation of the bike lane hopes to give cyclists more room on a very popular road. 

In order to create the expanded bike lane, one traffic lanes along this road will be eliminated. One very important determining factor of this becoming a permanent feature or even staying for the full trial period is what effect this has on the road's traffic. 

There is a condition within the plan that can end it early if it significantly disrupts car traffic or causes any kind of significant back up. 

The temporary bike lane will cost $36,000 to construct and will be drawn this summer. Bike racks and bike corrals will also be put in place along the route during the trial. 

After the trial if the bike path is going to be made permanent it will need to be approved by the Transportation Board and get approval from a public hearing. 

Traffic studies were conducted concerning the creation of the bike lane and showed the potential of impacts to the traffic at the intersection of Beacon Street and Lancaster Terrace. However, adjustments are being made to the traffic light scheduling to try and avoid these issues. 

If traffic problems don't become a major disturbance, Brookline residents could soon enjoy this as a permanent feature! 

45 Marion Brings Luxury to Brookline

45 Marion is one of the stand out new construction apartments in Brookline this year. 

Located on Coolidge Corner near Boston, the six-story complex is made up of 64 luxury apartments. 

With its convenient access to Downtown Boston via the MBTA Green Line and closely located to Longwood Medical Area, 45 Marion has provided a long-awaited luxury building to the area. 

The luxury amenities at 45 Marion include: a doorman, fitness room, in unit laundry, balconies, valet dry cleaning, pet friendly accommodation, bicycle parking and a resident lounge.

Despite the luxury, modern touches this building fits perfectly within its historical surroundings and the open layouts provide a beautiful space to live.

Pre-leasing started in January 2016 and rents start around $2,100 a month for a studio. 

As the first luxury new development in the area in a decade, there are only a few units still available today.

To find your dream rental in Brookline or anywhere around Boston contact us at leasing@advisorsliving.com

Fenway Center Shows Life

With recent news of developers’ dual partnership, the long awaited Fenway Center at Brookline and Commonwealth development might actually come to fruition.

The construction of this apartment-and-retail development has been stagnant due to insufficient funds. But all is about to change due to newly conjoined partners taking forces and funding the $550 million dollar complex. Thank you to developers John Rosenthal and Gerding Edlen for teaming up to make this happen.

Stay tuned for further updates.