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Boston Waterfront

Boston Apartments with Price Tags Equal to the Pats Super Bowl Bonuses

- Credit: Curbed Boston


Could the Boston housing market be out of even the Patriot’s bonus budget margins? The New England Patriots’ potential per-player payout of $165,000 for winning the super bowl will suffice just one years worth of rent for some of Boston proper’s swanky spreads. Divided by 12 months, rent can equate to $13,750 per month, which is assuming that Pat’s members have enough capital saved to cover security deposits. Pretty mind-boggling when you put it in to a context, huh?

To see a list of eight Boston apartments that fit this criteria, jump over to Boston.curbed.

Boston Olympics: How Would the 2024 Games Impact Local Real Estate?

- Credit: Boston.com

What is this we hear; Boston might be hosting the 2024 Olympics? Eeeek!

But hey… maybe there are some positives that can come out of this. Boston 2024 Executive Vice President Erin Murphy Rafferty sure thinks so. As he stated in a recent interview, “We believe Boston would benefit … in the form of new housing, improved infrastructure, smart urban planning, new green space and much-needed transportation upgrades.” [Boston.com]

And with cities flourishing post-games in the past, he probably isn’t very far off.

“Since the Olympics, Atlanta has had a return-to-the-city movement,” said Richard Martin, a University of Georgia business professor. In the 2000s, Atlanta grew in population for the first time in decades, he added.

However, although some cities have seen large property gains as a result of the games, more or less cities like Sydney and Atlanta’s effect on property prices were virtually none.

So Bostonians, where does your vote lie?

Waterfront Apartments at East Pier: Portside Shifts away from Condos

- Credit: Boston Curbed

There seems to be a change in promise for the waterfront project at East Pier. Instead of 370 condos and 173 apartments that were recently approved for the complex, there are new plans to have 454 apartments and 103 condominium units. According to Curbed.Boston, “the developer of the big-time waterfront project Portside at East Pier is apparently quite bullish on the region’s rent market.”

Stay tuned for more changes coming from East Boston.

Luxury Living on Boston's Waterfront: 50 Battery Street Reigns Supreme

Curbed Boston recently compared two waterfront properties in Boston: 50 Battery Street went up against a townhouse-style 3-BR at 343 Commercial Street. The verdict: the 3 bedroom penthouse located at 50 Battery Street reigned supreme. If two water-fronting decks and a 2,391-square-foot pad, all within a full-serviced amenity building, don’t sound cushy enough, it also includes a water-shuttle service to Logan Airport… does that sound better?

A color image spread of 50 Battery Street is available on Curbed.

East Boston Waterfront Tower Gains Approval

Another residential building coming to Boston!  This one will be in East Boston, an area that has not had a lot of new construction lately.  The project is expected to bring over 200 new affordable housing units to the city.

According to the BBJ, “Gerdin Edlin will contribute about $7.8 million toward construction of affordable housing in the city under a linkage agreement tied to the New Street project. The company and BRA analysts agreed putting the affordable housing on the 4-acre tower site could make the project financially unviable. The tower will have about 16 units per floor, a representative of the developer said. The entire project could create about 259 housing units, according to a document filed with the BRA.”

The full article, including additional details on the projected tower, are available on the Boston Business Journal.

Tower Proposed at Boston Harbor Garage gets Boost

Don Chiofaro’s proposal for the Harbor Garage has heard a lot of complaints.  However, recently the conservancy in charge of the Greenway has stated that they support the plan.  This is sure to help the proposal move forward towards approval from the Boston Redevelopment Authority!

From The Boston Globe:

“’The conservancy supports replacing the garage with a signature multi-use development which would open connections to the harbor and re-imagine a dynamic four-season public realm,’ the conservancy’s planning director, Linda Jonash, wrote to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. ‘This is an opportunity that should be embraced now.’ The towers Chiofaro wants to build — one 600 feet, the other 537 feet — would house offices, hotel rooms, and condominiums. The towers would be joined by a retail-lined atrium between the Greenway and Boston Harbor.”