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Blog :: 06-2016

Welcome to our blog! As Boston's leader in apartment rentals, we have our finger on the pulse of the local real estate market. Here, you'll find insight and announcements from our team to keep you up to date on everything you need to know about real estate in the Boston area.

Price of Boston Homes By Neighborhood

Boston home prices vary widely based on what neighborhood you're looking in. 

Listings currently on the market this summer range from $124 per square foot in Mattapan, to $2,615 per square foot in Beacon Hill, according to new research by NeighborhoodX

It isn't surprising that Beacon Hill, Back Bay and the North End top the list, while Mattapan, Hyde Park and Roxbury come in at the cheapest. 

The range is wide, showing that although housing prices are rising, it is important to know what neighborhoods to look in based on your budget. 

The full breakdown is below:

Credit: NeighborhoodX

Credit: NeighborhoodX

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Boston Ranked One of the Greenest Cities in the Country

Boston Park

Boston has been named on of the top 10 greenest cities in America. Thanks to the green space and a range of other factors, Boston residents can benefit from living in a city with natural benefits. 

The cities ranked were based on the following criteria: parkland as a percentage of city area, air quality index, number of plots in community gardens per capita, percentage of homes with a garden or greenhouse, number of farmers markets per capita and number of farm-to-table restaurants per capita.

Boston has one of the longest histories of urban farming in the United States. The Fenway Victory Gardens are over 500 gardens and the oldest operating World War II victory gardens in the country, covering 7.5 acres. 

In total 17.1% of Boston is parkland. This includes the Arnold Arboretum, with 15,000 living plants and a huge range of trees and shrubs. 

As for farm-to-table, L'Espalier is one of the most famous in the city, with its own farm outside the city that supplies all of the freshly grown vegetables. 

With Boston Common and the Esplanade, Boston residents have green and open spaces to choose from in each neighborhood. 

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realtor.com graphic

The full list of the US top 10 greenest cities is: 

1- Portland, OR

2- Honolulu, HI

3- St. Louis, MO

4- Austin, TX

5- Seattle, WA

6- San Francisco, CA

7- Madison, WI

8- Jacksonville, FL

9- Greensboro, NC

10- Boston, MA

The full report can be found on realtor.com

Packard Crossing Coming to Allston

Packard Crossing Allston

A new residential development is coming to Allston, with 114 units across two buildings. 

Plans for the development near Packard's Corner have been submitted to the city by Boston Developer Harold Brown.

Along with another new development currently under construction at 40 Malvern Street, the three new developments would be called Packard Crossing. 

According to the proposal, the buildings would be moderately priced, offering units around 60% lower than average rents in the downtown Boston area. The rents would be similar to those at Melvern Street, which start at $2,600 per month for a two-bedroom unit. 

Construction on the new development would start in in the spring and replaced a parking lot. The building would also incorporate an existing Victorian-style home that would be restored in the process. 

The plans include parking and the first building would have 35 two-bedroom apartments across the four stories. The Victorian house would serve as the lobby and a lounge for the larger building of the two. 

The second building on Brighton Avenue would have 72 two-bedroom units and four one-bedroom units, as well as retail space on the ground floor and parking space for 175 cars. 

Along with both buildings would be significant landscaping, including walkways, courtyards, terraces and interesting architecture.

The larger building isn't planned to begin construction until 2018. 

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Summer Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Summer is finally here and there is no better way to get yourself excited for long days and warm nights than by giving your home some summer-inspired updates. 

Additions of quick DIY decorations or some bigger changes can transform your home, thanks to these tips by Houzz

Outdoor curtains

1- Hang outdoor curtains: Picture beautiful curtains blowing in the breeze and you can basically create your own private summer getaway. Bonuses are privacy and shade when you've had too much sun. 

2- Put seashells on display: On your next trip to the beach collect some pretty shells and maybe a bag of sand, arrange them in a glass vase when you get home and you've created your own centerpiece! 

Outdoor Deck

3- Update your outdoor space: The small addition of colorful cushions, some summer games and some decorations and your space will become a private summer hideaway. 

Summer bar

4- Create a summer bar: Find a pretty tray and put it on top of any table, add some pretty glasses and your favorite drinks and you have the perfect start to a summer party. 


5- Decorate with driftwood: Even easier than the shell idea, adding a piece of driftwood is a simple touch with a beautiful beach effect. 

For more summer decorating tips visit Houzz!


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Five Exciting New Constructions in Boston

Boston has a booming construction market, up 44% so far in 2016, according to numbers from Dodge Data & Analytics. 

These five new developments have been highlighted by Boston Agent Magazine as some of the most notable new developments coming to Boston and Greater Boston. 

Four Seasons One Dalton

1- Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street

This will be the third tallest building in the city, at 699 feet and 61 stories tall. On the upper floors of the tower will be 180 luxury condos. Throughout the building there will also be restaurants, a health club, a spa and on-site parking. Residents will have their own private elevator entrance and 14-foot ceilings, so naturally the price tag for these units will run into the multi-millions. 

The Hub on the Causeway

2- The Hub on Causeway

This huge development will be made up of retail space, offices, a hotel, theaters, a 400-unit apartment building and Boston's largest supermarket. The Hub is an extension of TD Garden and will also connect the commuter rail to the subway at North Station.

Boston Landing 

3- Boston Landing

Boston Landing is an important development for sports fans, with the New Balance world headquarters, the Bruins' practice rink and a practice center for the Celtics. There will also be a boutique hotel and office, retail and amenity space, so essentially something for everyone. 

345 Harrison

4- 345 Harrison Avenue

This is a 560-unit apartment building that is already currently under construction. 13% of the development will be affordable and its location will act as a link between Downtown, Chinatown and the South End. Some amenities to look forward to include, retail space, parking and a beautiful green roof.

South Bay Town Center

5- South Bay Town Center

The South Bay Town Center development expands the current shopping center in its place. There will also be an addition of 475 apartments, a movie theatre, a hotel, restaurants and shops. Along with these new developments they hope to declutter the current area. 

Cambridge Now the Most Expensive Place to Buy a Home in Massachusetts

Cambridge Home Prices

When thinking of the most expensive places to live in Massachusetts, mostly Boston and some surrounding suburbs come to mind. Brookline is normally the top of this list, but this year it has finally been beaten.  

Cambridge single-family homes now have a median price of $1,675,000 throughout the beginning of this year, according to a report by the Warren Group. 

This is a 28% increase from last year, while Brookline's median price has dropped by 4%, to $1,615,000. 

Cambridge did have some competition with Lincoln, Nantucket and a few others, but they fell short with around $1.4 million as a median price. 

This spike in Cambridge housing prices isn't necessarily surprising, with its prime location and convenient transportation links. 

Part of this increase can be attributed to the number of homes on the market in the area, which has dropped and caused prices to increase. 

According to the report there has also been an increased demand from college professors and biotech executives in the area. 

Despite the price increase, home sales have decreased 19%, largely due to the lack of homes on the market. 

Looking for your new home in Cambridge or Boston? Contact us at leasing@advisorsliving.com.

Parcel 1B Brings Affordable Rentals to Bulfinch Triangle

Parcel 1B

New developments and luxury high-rises are popping up around Boston with no end in sight, but amongst these million dollar developments is a project getting people excited for a whole different reason. 

Parcel 1B is a 239-unit rental building coming to Boston near North Station and it will be completely affordable for working families. 

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Greater Boston has increased by 42% since 2009, according to the Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2015.  

The Parcel 1B project will cost $230 million to construct and is the most significant addition of affordable housing in downtown Boston for years. 

The groundbreaking took place in February and marks a very necessary new development in the area.

Expected to be finished in 2018, the units will be given out by a lottery. Related Beal developers are behind the project and have a long-term commitment to workforce housing- neither subsidized public housing or luxury rentals. 

Despite the affordable price tag, the construction of the building has spared no expense when it comes to materials or amenities. Many of the units are directed at families, offering three bedroom units which are not commonplace in new constructions. 

Building affordable housing in the current market is not easy and the process behind Parcel 1B proves that, but it is important for a large part of the city's population. 

To read more about the full details and funding for the project visit the Boston Globe

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Hubway Bike Share is Coming to East Boston

East Boston will see 10 new Hubway bike locations this year, according to an announcement by the Boston Transportation Department

This area isn't the only Boston neighborhood getting more access to the bike share program, with 10 further locations being added in Roxbury and northern Dorchester. 

The Hubway bike-sharing system already exists in most Boston neighborhoods, including Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville

The exact locations of the new stations are yet to be decided and Boston Transportation Department will work with the public to pick the best spots. 

They are holding a community workshop on June 30th at the East Boston Public Library in order to discuss with the community what makes a good location for a Hubway station and possible new locations. 

There will also be a survey for the public where they are able to prioritize specific locations. 

The community workshop is on June 30th from 6.30PM to 8PM at East Boston Public Library.

The community open house is on July 28th from 6PM to 8PM at East Boston Public Library. 

One Month Free at One Canal Street

One Canal Street is the epitome of luxury living in the heart of Boston's historic district. 

If you're looking for a new home in the North End, this development has it all. From a luxury rooftop complete with a pool, grilling area and communal space to the yoga, spin and fitness studios, there is something for everyone. 

If you move into select apartments before June 23rd you also get one month of rent free! Contact our brokers today to tour the building and make One Canal your new home: leasing@advisorsliving.com

One Canal Street

This pet friendly building has a prime location with breathtaking views and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide plenty of natural light. 

This new development is conveniently located within walking distance of the Financial District, North Station, Haymarket Station, the Charles River bike path, dining options, entertainment and shopping. 

One Canal Street Roof

Select apartments have balconies and the interiors are complete with luxury finishes such as, stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets and open floor plans. 

The North End is one of Boston's most unique neighborhoods and this new development offers the perfect opportunity to rent your new home!


The Latest in Luxury Amenities: Residents-Only Bars

Credit: www.therealdeal.com

One of the latest trends in luxury residential buildings is private, residents-only bars and cafes. 

WeLive, an apartment building in the Financial District owned by WeWork, has included this feature with a bar and a communal kitchen open to residents to drink and socialize. 

Many other high-end residential buildings are quickly following this lead, by offering residents private coffee and cocktail bars exclusive to residents within the building. 

This feature is popping up in cities across the country, including Boston, Florida and New York. 

Many even come with bartenders or butlers who come to learn exactly what each residence likes, adding a truly unique touch and a bonus when looking for where you want to live. 

As more luxury buildings work to build a community with its residents rather than just offering a place to sleep, this is another amenity to add to the list. 

Looking for your new home? Contact us today for more information about luxury amenities like these: leasing@advisorsliving.com