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Blog :: 05-2016

Welcome to our blog! As Boston's leader in apartment rentals, we have our finger on the pulse of the local real estate market. Here, you'll find insight and announcements from our team to keep you up to date on everything you need to know about real estate in the Boston area.

Sweetgreen Doubling Boston Locations

Sweetgreen, the popular salad chain, is expanding its signature greens to even more of Boston this year. 

Fans of the popular lunch spot will be able to find five new stores in Downtown Crossing, Fenway, Downtown Boston, Harvard Square and the South End all before the end of 2016. 

Since it first opened in 2013, the chain which is originally from Washington D.C has been a hit with Boston residents. 

The new openings will double its presence in the city and hopefully help potentially reduce the notoriously long lines. 

Each store is specifically designed with the location and clients in mind and serious Sweetgreen followers will have noticed that the company is prioritizing online and mobile ordering, as well as going cashless. 

These adjustments are aimed to streamline the process and hopefully give customers more time during their lunch breaks! 

The brand sources all of its ingredients from local farms and suppliers, which is a hit with the healthy Boston community. 

If you're looking for the Sweetgreen locations that are already open you can find, two in Back Bay as well as in Fort Point, Chestnut Hill and Lynnfield. 

The specific addresses of the new locations are below:

- Downtown Crossing, 13 School Street

- Fenway, 132 Brookline Ave. 

- Downtown, 87 Summer Street

- Harvard Square, 39 JFK Street

- South End, Ink Block, 354 Harrison Ave. 

Biking in Brookline Made Easier

A major improvement for cyclists in Brookline has been approved for a six-month trial period

The trial bike lane will be put in place on a stretch of Beacon Street between Coolidge Corner and Washington Street. The implementation of the bike lane hopes to give cyclists more room on a very popular road. 

In order to create the expanded bike lane, one traffic lanes along this road will be eliminated. One very important determining factor of this becoming a permanent feature or even staying for the full trial period is what effect this has on the road's traffic. 

There is a condition within the plan that can end it early if it significantly disrupts car traffic or causes any kind of significant back up. 

The temporary bike lane will cost $36,000 to construct and will be drawn this summer. Bike racks and bike corrals will also be put in place along the route during the trial. 

After the trial if the bike path is going to be made permanent it will need to be approved by the Transportation Board and get approval from a public hearing. 

Traffic studies were conducted concerning the creation of the bike lane and showed the potential of impacts to the traffic at the intersection of Beacon Street and Lancaster Terrace. However, adjustments are being made to the traffic light scheduling to try and avoid these issues. 

If traffic problems don't become a major disturbance, Brookline residents could soon enjoy this as a permanent feature! 

Agassiz: Cambridge Neighborhood Spotlight


If you're like us you might've looked at Agassiz and thought someone made a serious typo, but it is actually a real neighborhood in Cambridge

The small neighborhood is also referred to as Harvard North and is one of the 13 sections that make up the City of Cambridge. 

Harvard Law School and Lesley University are both located in Agassiz and covers two different zip codes. 

The residential neighborhood has around 5,000 residents and Massachusetts Avenue runs through its center, serving most of the area's retail. 

The universities have a major presence in the neighborhood, which is unsurprisingly made up of a number of academic and student housing facilities. 

Somerville shares a border with Agassiz to the East. The neighborhood has one park, one school and borders Cambridge Common. 

The neighborhood is also home to Harvard House of Pizza, which was named by Grubhub as one of the most popular places to order food from in Cambridge. 

Looking for a house in Agassiz? Contact us for more information, leasing@advisorsliving.com

Another Housing Development for West Roxbury

West Roxbury could soon be seeing another new housing development just a week after the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the project at 64 Allandale Street

Developer John Douros has proposed a four-story residential project with 20 units at 400 Belgrade Avenue. 

The proposal calls for the demolition of a gas station that currently exists on the site and has stood vacant for years. 

According to the proposal submitted to the BRA, the site has been a frustration among residents for years and revitalization will be welcome. 

Three of the units in the proposed building would be affordable and all 20-units would have two bedrooms. 

The architect for the project, Lucio Trabucco, said that the design of the new building includes input from neighbors and residents throughout the community. 

The aim of the project is to bring a development to the area that will really benefit residents and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Stay up to date on all new developments in Boston with MyBostonApartment! Looking for your new home in West Roxbury? Get in touch at leasing@advisorsliving.com

Trader Joe's is Coming to Assembly Square

Assembly Square is a Somerville neighborhood known for its shopping and long list of new developments.

However, despite the new Orange Line Station, housing, retail and added restaurants, the area is currently missing one major amenity for residents- a local supermarket. 

Trader Joe's has just announced that it is opening a new location in Assembly Square to solve this problem. 

This will be the 19th Massachusetts location for the popular supermarket chain and is scheduled to open by October 2017. This will be the first Trader Joe's location in the Somerville area. 

Opening at 133 Middlesex Ave the new location will be 12,500 square feet and will include a beer and wine department. 

The location is part of the Assembly Square Market Place strip mall and is surrounded by AC Moore and Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Residents and visitors to the area can now enjoy Trader Joe's unique selection of food and drinks and its famous Two Buck Chuck wine!

With the opening of the new location the brand aims to fulfill an important missing amenity in the neighborhood. 

Looking for your new home in Assembly Square? Contact us today leasing@advisorsliving.com!

Spring Gardening Tips for Urban Living

Spring has sprung in Boston and it is the perfect time to begin gardening. If your outside space isn't exactly spacious, or is limited to a windowsill, you can still participate. 

Whole Foods has laid out the top tips for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in a container garden. Perfect for Boston's urban residents!

The following tips come from Meredith Sheperd, founder of urban agriculture firm Love & Carrots. A container garden involves growing plants in individual pots, rather than in the ground. 

1. Sun is crucial: The amount of sunlight limits what plants are actually possible for your space. "You might think that the more sun you can get, the better, but that's not always true: harsh, broiling afternoon light can burn your plants and evaporate water too quickly for your soil to really absorb it," says Meredith. 

2. Size matters: The price of pots varies greatly, but the material you choose won't really matter. All materials tend to work the same and Meredith recommends a cheap bucket. The size is actually the most important factor when choosing a container. The bigger the pot the better! Each individual plant should start with around a 5-gallon container, which may seem large but will allow the plant to grow to the best of its ability. 

3. Setup: There are simple hacks to make sure your container will be the best for your plants. Get a bucket without drainage holes, and drill some holes yourself around the sides of the container. Pour in gravel just above the holes and lay down a layer of weed-block fabric before adding in the soil. 

4. Focus on produce per square foot: Finding crops that work well in containers isn't hard, but you'll want to focus on what crops will give you the most produce per square foot. Plants such as, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs all produce more than one crop per seed and can be picked multiple times a season. 

Check out the full list of tips and advice here

Looking for a new home perfect for a container garden or with a bit more green space? Contact us today leasing@advisorsliving.com


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    Boston Streets Could Be Closed to Traffic and Open to Pedestrians

    A Twitter conversation with Mayor Martin J. Walsh this week hinted at the possibility of closing some of Boston's streets to traffic for select days throughout the summer. 

    During the chat one Twitter user asked about the possibility of closing select streets to traffic and opening them up to pedestrians. 

    The City of Boston Twitter account responded by saying that they are already looking into doing just that around several locations in the city and to stay tuned for more information this summer. 


    While there has been no clear indication that this initiative will be rolled out this summer, Boston residents have voiced their approval of the idea and hope that it could become a reality soon.

    Opening certain streets like Newbury Street in Back Bay or Hanover Street in the South End will really promote community engagement and give people the opportunity to explore these areas without the interference of traffic.

    This program already exists in Cambridge, with Memorial Drive being closed to traffic most Sundays from 11am to 7pm from April through November, giving residents the opportunity to make use of the road along the Charles River.

    Which streets in your neighborhood would you like to see closed to traffic? Let us know in the comments below!

    The Icon: Bringing Forward Thinking Living to Brighton

    An environmentally concious rental community proposed for Brighton is hoping to become an icon in the area and create a new and improved gateway to Western Avenue. 

    The project, called The Icon, proposed for 530 Western Avenue in Brighton is hoping to bring luxury, community and environmental design at below average rent prices. 

    Proposed by The Mount Vernon Co, the 132 rental units will provide excellent access to downtown Boston as well as being close to Cambridge, Watertown and Chestnut Hill. 

    The building amenities will include, an indoor/outdoor rooftop fitness center, a common function room and a roof deck overlooking the Charles River. It will also have a bike repair room to accompany the 132 free bike spots and an onsite collaborative works space. 

    Some of the features that really make the building stand out are the sustainable building products that will be used, vitamin C infused shower heads and products to encourage restful sleep. 

    Studios will start around $2,000, one bedrooms around $2,600 and three bedrooms around the low $3,000 range. 

    The company behind the proposal hopes to utilize the area and set new standards for inspired luxury living while still being affordable. 

    The building is designed by architects, Prellwitz Chilinski Associates and is scheduled to be completed by the spring of 2018. 

    South Station Residential Tower Plans Moving Forward

    The South Station tower that has been in the planning process since the 90's is finally moving forward, according to Curbed

    Signed off by the city last week, the plans put a 51-story tower on top of South Station, which once completed will be one of the ten tallest buildings in Boston. 

    With the addition of a new financial partner, Chinese builder Gemdale Properties, the development will finally be kick started before the end of 2016. 

    The updated details shows that the plans are mainly residential, when originally the building was almost completely filled with office space. The plans also raised the tower higher than the originally proposed 49-stories.

    The 677-foot South Station tower is proposed to have 175 luxury condos and 530 parking spaces. 

    The ideal location above one of New England's busiest train stations would offer residents great access to amenities in a prime spot in the city. 

    With Boston growing taller which of the new towers are you most looking forward to? Let us know!

    To find your new home email us at leasing@advisorsliving.com

    Small Apartment? Big Possibilities- 12 Ways to Design a Small Space

    Boston condo and apartment prices are on the rise after a record year in 2015.

    The price increase hasn't deterred residents from flocking to the highly sought-after urban spaces, but it does mean that in order to stay affordable many of these spaces are decreasing in size. 

    Small spaces at premium price tags are now common throughout Boston, with NeighborhoodX charting the smallest condos for sale last month. These spaces require a level of creativity and innovation when it comes to layout, design and improving functionality that isn't always the most important factor in larger spaces. 

    Houzz listed the top 12 tips for making the best use of a small space, perfect for implementing into your new home today! 

    1. Make furniture multitask- Each furniture piece should have a purpose. Make the most of each square foot and prevent wasted space by finding pieces with maximum storage space built in. 

    2. Stick to a single color pallet- Especially in a studio it is better to keep things simple. An easy way to split up a space is by varying the tones of a single color, rather than trying to mix together too many different colors. 

    3. Don't be afraid of big pieces of art- A large painting or picture is an easy way to add something unique to a space and can often add depth to a room. 

    4. Folding furniture- If you have enough in your budget then adding furniture that can fold away, such as the bed, can really benefit smaller spaces. Sofa beds and other built in pieces can save a lot of valuable floor space. 

    5. Make use of levels- Despite shrinking square feet, many apartments still have a lot of vertical space. Make use of high ceilings by lifting pieces and making use of the space underneath. 

    6. Divide with storage- If you're adding a dividing wall, making sure it has storage space built in is a great way to discreetly make use of what would otherwise be wasted space. 

    7. Pick your furniture wisely- By keeping the walls white and picking distinct furniture pieces you can add character to a room without overwhelming it. 

    8. Make use of unique features- Many of these spaces are not only small, but sometimes have weird additions, try to incorporate these into the design rather than see them as an obstacle. 

    9. Seek out salvaged material- Recycled and unique materials usually come in small quantities, perfect when you don't need much of them!

    10. Pick out the essentials- Figuring out what you really need and don't need is a crucial step before moving to a small space. 

    11. Explore angles- If your space has an awkward shape, work with it rather than against it. Layout the space before buying furniture and make sure that it all works together. 

    12. Incorporate a hardworking headboard- A headboard is usually overlooked as somewhere that can be utilized, but there are easy ways to turn it into extra storage or even a fold-out desk. 

    To see examples of these tips in real apartments check out the original article on Houzz.