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Blog :: 01-2014

Welcome to our blog! As Boston's leader in apartment rentals, we have our finger on the pulse of the local real estate market. Here, you'll find insight and announcements from our team to keep you up to date on everything you need to know about real estate in the Boston area.

Southie’s Lower End Rebranded “Broadway Village”?

The rental Market is so huge in South Boston, it has inspired a new name for the old lower end. Developments like 11 West Broadway, Allele, and 50 West Broadway have brought in Starbucks, and Stephanie’s; the new name being considered is Broadway Village.

According to Curbed’s Boston-based outlet, “someone suggested “Broadway Village” as a new name via the email on the billboard. And more than half of the voters in a subsequent online poll agreed. There you have it then: Broadway Village is the new Lower End.”

Check back to see if the name holds.

775 Harrison Avenue gets Residential Conversion

The South End is still getting lot’s of attention in the rental Market. GTI Is trying to move forward with a residential conversion plan at 775 Harrison Avenue. The new complex would have approximately 62 apartments.  There is so much to offer in the area including the new Whole foods going in by the Ink Block, another big project in the South End.

Boston.Curbed reported on the impending conversion:

“The new complex would have approximately 62 apartments, ranging from 4-BRs to studios, with most of them located within the converted church itself. In addition, GTI would build three townhouses at the site, also rentals. Though the church is quite aged, it’s not a designated Boston landmark.”

The full article is available, here.


Boston Apartment “Heatmap” Posted

Boston’s rental market is still going strong. With all the new construction and incentives being offered, it will be tough to choose where you want to live.

Curbed Boston recently published a rental heat map, designating 10 featured properties:

1)  Arlington 360
2)  Gatehouse 75
3)  One Back Bay
4)  11 West Broadway
5)  RiverBend on the Charles
6)  One North of Boston
7)  315 on A
8)  The Atmark
10) Millennium Place.

Everyone is offering something a little different. It could be one month free rent or a portion of the broker fee or more. Take advantage of these great incentives!

Click through to view all of our no-fee apartment listings in Boston

Alternatively, follow this link to read the full article and map available on Curbed Boston.

Boston Still a Seller’s Market

Here's another reason why the rental market continues to remain strong: there's a shortage of available condominiums in Boston, so buyers are forced to rent. That being said, consumers with a choice are facing the question of "should we rent or buy?" Many believe the market will soon adjust and prices will come down. It should be an interesting year in real estate.

Boston continues to be seller's market -- for a while.

According to a report on the Boston Herald, "it was a year for sellers rather than buyers, as condo inventory in Boston shrunk to lows not seen since the 1990s, keeping prices high and bringing bidding wars back to the table. And the seller's market will continue into next year because many condos now in the pipeline won't be ready for another year or two."

You can read the full article, here.

Victor Apartments in Boston

There is a lot going on in the North End besides great restaurants, and hockey. The Victor is stepping up the area with this state-of-the-art apartment building. With its modern features and basketball court you can see why it's the talk of the North End.

If you're looking for a convenient commute, North station is right outside your door. Across the street, you have the TD Garden and its collection of sports and events. What ever your interest are, you can find it at Boston's Victor.

An article on Boston's Curbed site, notes activity on the luxury apartment building:

The new Victor apartment tower at 110 Beverly Street near North Station, one of so many new apartments in Greater Boston, held an open house last week to show off its ADD Inc. architecture and its streetscape (as well as terrace) by Copley Wolff Design Group. The 366,000-square-foot development has 286 apartments as well as 17,000 square feet of retail space (4,000 of which has been leased by Tavern on the Square).

The full article is available on Curbed Boston.

For pricing information, availability, and additional details, jump over to our listing page for Victor apartments in Boston

Boston Neighborhoods Compared on Curbed

The battle between downtown crossing and Fenway could well be decided by the new construction going on! Millennium Towers is bringing back to life downtown crossing. The hope is that there will be life after 5 PM. It will certainly be amazing to watch the transformation of the hole in the ground where the old Filene’s building was to the 60 story tower consisting of 450 Luxury condominiums, and 196 square feet of retail space. Roche Brothers is planning to take up 30,000 square feet of that space, and plans to open next year.

Curbed’s analysis of Downtown Crossing, included the following:

Downtown Crossing was perhaps the region’s changing-est neighborhood of 2013, and that because of four (we think) syllables: Millennium. First, there was the grand groundbreaking for Millennium Tower (see photo), the soaring filler for the old Filene’s site. Then there was the official opening for Millennium Place, the luxury condo complex that’s almost entirely sold out. Such doings were notable enough on their own, but it’s what they portend that really counts: a rejuvenation of Downtown Crossing into the kind of neighborhood that folks don’t scamper away from after 5 PM. We’ll have to wait and see if it really happens, of course, but, if it does, we’ll know that 2013 was the year it all started.

You can read the full Curbed article, here.